Organic pickled whole, half or sliced artichokes

The product is obtained from choice and shapely artichokes, after they have been washed and cut off into pieces. Then, once artichokes are processed and weighed, they will be preserved in plastic cans adding a solution of water, salt, vinegar, citric and ascorbic acid in the doses permitted by organic farming. They are kept under constant control by periodically filling them to the top to store products through vacuum packing.

Washing, selection, cutting, washing, blanching with acid solution, filling up in plastic cans with an acid solution, safe preservation with no headspace.

Keep in a cool and dry place, avoiding heat sources; weekly check the health condition of cans, clean thoroughly and fill up when needed.

24 months from the manufacturing date upon weekly check. The production lot and the use-by date are on the label and in the documents included in the packaging.

Artichoke*, water, salt 20%, vinegar* 5%, citric and ascorbic acid.

*product deriving from organic farming
**percentages of ingredients may vary according to the recipe and/or the customer's specific demand.